This is not okay! You’re disgusting! I can’t believe! HOW U CAN TALK LIKE THIS OF SOMEONE DEATH!! U should be ashamed.

People can be so senseless. I just can’t believe what i read near the ht prayforsouthkorea. If u can’t say something respectfull, just keep it for you.

It’s sad how much ‘respect’ is not a value anymore.

I read here and there some things about Exo airport problem.

How you can call you fan? How for god sake you believe in acting like this your ‘bias’ will notice you? Oh yes he will! But in the bad way! And holly shit they are HUMAN! HUMAN! Just one minute think how you will feel if you were them.

I can’t even understand how Exo can feel like to continue to promote ect… They gave cold shoulder? Ohh, that weird!

And the sad things in all that! It’s that some fan who are dedicated, kind, lovely. Those fan are completely forget. When we heard exo. The things that came up it’s ‘oh that band with thoses crazy fan’. So please just act normaly and stop bashing on other band, like B.A.P or Super Junior. Stop being troublesome.

And for the TRUE exotic. I’m really sorry to think about you like this. Cuz i know not the all fandom are like this and i hope to meet one person who will change my mind. Thruthfully EXO it’s a great band, and have lovely members. But i just can’t stand how some people act.

Don’t forget fandom is the guardian of a band. Don’t become their nightmare.


Are you guys as excited as I am about Toheart? To show just how excited I am, I decided to do an album giveaway! 
What will the winner get?
Toheart’s first Mini Album! (the no poster version)
The rules are simple:
You can reblog this as many times as you want (but don’t spam)
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If you are younger than 18, please check with your parents first that it is okay for you to give out your full name and adress to me (I won’t stalk you and everything will be kept in private so nothing personal will be published)
I will ship worldwide!
No giveaway blogs (I will check)
Please don’t delete this text
You don’t have to follow this blog, but it would be nice if you did :-)
The giveaway will end April 1! (because it will take some time to get the album shipped here)
Good Luck!♥